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Our Company

Propeller Studios started trading in 2001 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. We started out with 3 employees led by our Managing Director Andy Hammond. Even back then the first seeds of EasySmartForms were being cultivated – although we didn’t know it at the time! We started off designing and programming custom business and job management solutions for customers mainly in the Construction sector, the solutions were largely about gathering evidence and information, and managing process and reporting.

We continued to maintain and develop our solutions and then, as the internet developed and speeds increased and became more and more reliable and stable, and technology got smaller and more powerful, we were able to combine all these aspects and produce one of the first cloud based Business and Contract management solutions in the UK. The advances in Smartphones and tablets then allowed us to create the offline/online App and offer the solution to a much wider audience.

We are still based in Hitchin, and employ a few more people than we did back in 2001. However we continue to strive to develop and push our EasySmartForms solution to be the best, most reliable way of recording information and evidence, whilst also maintaining its simplicity of use.

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