Asbestos Remediation

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Early adopters of EasySmartForms

Who are we...

We have grown into a successful national asbestos remediation contractor operating nationally across a broad range of market sectors. We are proud of our excellent reputation for safety, quality and customer service.

The problem we faced….

Our growth and success highlighted the need for improvements to systems which were not performing at the levels required for a national business. Processes and procedures we had weren’t being used.  A perception that some processes didn’t add value led to a lack of discipline in form filling, which meant we were unable to access the latest information from site. Critical information was stored on local PCs and was often impossible to locate. Reports were frequently inaccurate or out-of-date and when individuals left the business information was often lost forever. Our ability to react to live situations was hampered because we didn’t use technology.

We needed:

  • a CRM solution that would store all the information relevant to new job enquiries
  • the ability to raise invoices 
  • to improve how works instructions were issued
  • a way of managing our compliance responsibilities.

The solution 

We were early adopters of EasySmartForms and could immediately see the relevance of its functions and processes to our sector. EasySmartForms ensured our contract team could record critical information at the right point in the job works process with a simple traffic light system indicating job status.

EasySmartForms provided a central hub for contract-critical information saved directly to the job record which greatly improved communications and enabled everyone to access accurate, up-to-date, information.

In respect of compliance, EasySmartForms uses live data to produce accurate information registers. The data for compliance is largely based on expiry dates, e.g. the Virtual Yard module.  The live register shows when the next compliance item is due either as a detailed quarterly or weekly checklist. It even sends alerts by email.

Results and Experiences

EasySmartForms has made a significant difference to our business from the way we work to compliance.

Using each job’s process monitor, we can easily update the system to show current status. The register of works instructions provides a live overview on the status of all of them. The accessibility of information has improved decision-making and enabled us to provide accurate reports on contract and business performance.

We no longer face unresolved non-compliances enabling senior management to focus on developing and growing the business.

Client Comment - Director

“I think EasySmartForms is brilliant! I am very happy with it. It provides us with a platform that not only runs our contracts, but also the wider business. EasySmartForms enables us to accurately measure the works completed and produce invoices that match. Combining this with the evidence and information we record against each contract means we encounter fewer financial queries from clients and so are paid more quickly. In addition, every aspect of compliance is managed effectively and efficiently. Our business could not have grown to the size it now is without EasySmartForms.”