Asbestos Removal

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Time spent administering contracts reduced

Who we are…

We are a national company specialising in asbestos management and remediation in both the commercial and domestic sectors. 

The problem we faced…

We needed to fundamentally improve and future-proof our business development operation. We needed a CRM solution to manage leads and enquiries AND a solution to manage live projects. We didn’t want multiple systems; we wanted a single solution to do everything. 

We wanted to reduce the time spent on contract administration and thought having an integrated system would assist with that.  It was important to us that staff could access relevant information on live jobs.  We also needed to manage compliance more effectively. 

We needed the ability to share information in real-time and access it anywhere. We didn’t want to rely on Apps alone; we needed a main management solution that could also handle GDPR and data processing issues. 

None of the solutions we looked at delivered.

The solution

When we saw EasySmartForms we immediately knew it was a system that would grow with us. Propeller Studio’s experience in the sector is evident in the way EasySmartForms is designed around fundamental operational processes and procedures.

EasySmartForms is a cloud-based single solution which enables us to promote flexible working. Contract information is updated in real-time by site teams with time spent administering contracts greatly reduced. Our overall saving in administration time has been significant.

Compliance is hugely important. For example, all face masks, vacuum cleaners and DCUs must undergo regular testing. EasySmartForms provides not only the tools to perform the checks, but also updates the live registers showing users the exact compliance status of each item.

EasySmartForms also improves business communication via its single platform configuration and ensuring all data is stored relevant to a process or procedure. This makes finding information very straight forward.  EasySmartForms generates management reports and enables users to access information in real-time.  

EasySmarForms is regularly updated with new functions and features and we get a say in its development. We love the way EasySmartForms is developed for all users, not just those with the deepest pockets!

Results and Experiences

EasySmartForms has massively improved our communication throughout the business providing us with access to accurate, live information. It has reduced the time spent administering contracts and has enabled us to focus on both the quality of our service and growing the business.

The communication between staff, customers and suppliers has been greatly improved by EasySmartForms.

Client comment - Director

“We feel we have control of our business information. We feel better connected to each other and to site, and that we now have clarity over the status of live contracts.

We feel the information stored in EasySmartForms enables good decision making on important business and contract issues. We also feel it enables our customers and staff to know that we listen and respond.

We like EasySmartForms a lot! It delivers on our expectations. We also like the speed of response from EasySmartForms support to any questions or issues.”