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Thorough training provides confidence in using EasySmartForms

Who we are…

We provide general building services to Local Authorities and Housing Associations. We have an excellent reputation and our efficient and friendly service has led to a large volume of repeat business. 

The problem we faced…

We realised we were spending too much time on the routine aspects of contract administration. This was compounded by failures in communication and in following business protocols. Inaccurate, sporadically submitted information was poorly labelled, contained information for multiple jobs, and was often not identifiable as part of any process.

We weren’t benefiting from the latest technology. We had many laborious including lots of manual filing. Contract information resided on local PCs and was hard to find. 

The time it took to administer contract information, liaise with our site teams, and manually process the information was eating into our profits. Change was desperately needed!

The solution

Of the four developers invited to submit proposals, EasySmartForms appealed to us the most. It was clearly designed for the UK Construction sector. Their construction experience and knowledge showed in the design of EasySmartForms’ processes and functions.

EasySmartForms' industry knowledge is evident in how the solution handles timesheets. Accurate recording of the time spent by operatives on each job is paramount but had been ad hoc at best. EasySmartForms enabled a straightforward process for recording time using the SmartForms App. Operatives and Supervisors could now record time spent on every job they worked. The App automatically sends the data to the main platform which distributes it in real-time against jobs and individuals. This has saved a huge amount of administration time and ensured we accurately calculate wages.

Results and Experiences

The ability of EasySmartForms and the SmartForms App to instill business and contract processes and procedures has been the greatest benefit. The quality of the information returned from site improved exponentially. This greatly reduced the amount of time spent administering contract information and enabled us to improve our processes. We were able to reduce the volume of paper and free up office space.

Overall communication has improved. Items that may previously have been overlooked are now identified giving us valuable early warnings and enabling us to recognise and share best practice. 

We have a say in the future development of the solution, which is very important to us and ensures that EasySmartForms will be as relevant to us tomorrow as it is today.

Client comment - Company Director

“We totally rely on EasySmartForms and are very happy with it. We use the modules that are relevant to us today but know others are available so, if our business requirements change, then it is more than likely EasySmartForms can accommodate it.

EasySmartForms support is also very good. The implementation and training process is thorough and provides confidence in using the solution.

Overall, EasySmartForms is a great system, it works well for us and we like that there is much more that it can do for us in the future. We just need to create some time to enable this to happen!"