Specialist Asset Maintenance Contractor

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Implementing defined processes for all staff

Who we are…

We are the UK’s leading specialist asset maintenance contractor. We have a reputation for both the quality of our service and our innovative engineering solutions, underpinned by our commitment to safety and sustainability. 

The problem we faced…

The providers of our legacy system didn’t develop it so it had stopped meeting our requirements. It failed to keep pace with both working practices and legislation. While our processes developed and became more sophisticated, the platform stagnated, forcing our staff to devise their own work-arounds. It had become an impediment to performance and growth.   

The biggest single problem was our staff all working in different ways and not following defined processes. We needed the ability to consistently record information and generate reports. Our various systems lacked consistency, making it difficult to accurately measure outputs.

We needed a future proof solution with a development plan to ensure its continued improvement and relevance.

The solution

When we saw EasySmartForms, it was clear that it had been designed by construction industry experts. The protocols, functions and features were exactly in line with our requirements.

Propeller Studios’ continual development philosophy gave us confidence that EasySmartForms would develop in-line with evolving working practices and legislation. We immediately saw the potential for our business.

Of particular relevance was the CRM module. Sales information was stored in on PCs in Excel with little uniformity. The resulting inaccurate and out-of-date information left us unable to confidently forecast job enquiries or our pipeline.  The CRM module brought consistency and control through a clearly configured pathway from enquiry to order.  

The solution enabled us to measure progress of enquiries and monitor the enquiry pipeline with greater accuracy and detail. Having all the information on a central cloud-based platform saved time searching for information. The reports function was configured to show the exact information required with reports automatically distributed by email.

Results and Experiences

Our biggest single win is the CRM module. We have configured the reports to suit the information we want to report. We love the ease with which we can adapt the CRM module to our specific needs: if a capture field didn’t exist, then we used the utilities function to create one. This ensured we recorded all the information required on each lead or tender, but also those fields are included in the reports we generate.

The ability to create tasks against specific leads or tenders means our Business Development team has a defined process to follow for winning work.

Client comment - Company Director

“We have used EasySmartForms for many years now and it has easily exceeded our expectations. It sits at the core of our operations, particularly in Business Development and Contract Management. EasySmartForms is used throughout our business and the consistent feedback we receive is that everyone enjoys using it and can see the benefits.  Its continual development has ensured it keeps pace with modern working practices and legislation while delivering accurate reports in real-time. The view from the business as a whole is very positive. It is an excellent system that fulfils all our requirements.”