All apps in our Business Operations Platform (BOP) can be used offline. The technology allows them to be used, regardless of a signal being available to communicate to the desktop system. You can download our apps from the Google Play Store and the App Store.

EasySmartForms App

The App allows users to complete SmartForms, fill in timesheets, respond to tasks, or access personnel training certificates.

Planned Maintenance Administration

The App allows users to complete compliance-based tasks for works instructions by recreating the process monitor from within the main system. It receives appointments information for mobile working, allows texts to be issued to residents and progress to be recorded by the user.

Planned Maintenance Financial

The App allows users to complete the financial aspects of a works instruction, such as recording quantities of items completed relative to BOQ or SOR information loaded into the main system. It also features the ability to undertake validation surveys, including linking photographs to works items and locations.

Virtual Yard App 

This App makes it simple for you to schedule things such as vehicle inspections and get the workforce to complete the task via their mobile phone. Information from the App is automatically updated within the central database which can be administered from desktop computers.

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EasySmartForms is used in a variety of sectors including construction, facilities management and housing:

What our users say...

EasySmartForms is an excellent product. It really fits with how we want to change. We get perfect support from the customer support team. I truly believe that once we have fully integrated the system it will benefit our whole company. I am more than happy with the software.