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Are you tired of the lack of communication between site workers and the office? No one wants to keep chasing for paperwork, or worse, work from an out-of-date document. How often do you find yourself with these issues? 

Contract information shouldn’t reside on desktops – it should be part of an integrated system. Too much time can be spent focused on the routine aspects of business operations when it could be made so much simpler. Do you need a change?

EasySmartForms has successfully supported many civil engineering contractors to enable them to grow their business with our contracts management software. They use our software to manage contracts from all parts of the sector, including in highways, rail and water sectors. 


EasySmartForms enables a simple process for recording information via the SmartForms app, for when operatives are on site and on-the-go. Information is recorded against each job in real-time, keeping all the data up-to-date. This saves so much administration time and allows workers to be more accurate in their recording of data. 

The software encompasses a business management system and contracts administration system all in one. The volume of paper in your office will be greatly reduced by using EasySmartForms - a bonus for you and for the environment!

The Contracts Management package is a great way to test drive the EasySmartForms solution and our Licence Options page explains how you can get started with the software on a single project basis. Alternatively, click here to discover the full range of modules. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The modules and packages you can purchase are dependent on what your business operations needs are. Need to manage your equipment list? Then the equipment management package is for you. Looking for an easier way to manage contracts? Then the contracts management package will cover your administration needs. Look at our packages page to find out more. 

Dependent on the licence options, our Business Manager can offer you an accurate quote once you know your exact requirements.  

Contract management software is a cover-all term for computer programmes that are used to support contract management. Contract management can include creation, negotiation, amendment, sign-off, provision (of contracted goods or services) and data analysis. EasySmartForms includes a Contracts Management package that provides measurable efficiency savings in time and money.

What our users say...

We use the EasySmartForms system for tracking the pipeline of opportunities and management reporting, so reporting what opportunities are out in the marketplace at that moment in time.The EasySmartForms contracts management system gives us an idea of what opportunities are likely going to be coming into tender so we can then manage the business; we know which tenders are coming in, what resources we are going to need for estimating and ultimately when the tenders are won, as well as what resources are out on site. I would definitely recommend EasySmartForms.