The Communications module enables data input into EasySmartForms to be transferred to other software solutions.

How to Deliver Data Transfers

Data transfers can be created and configured against the following modules; Contracts, Invoicing, CRM, Planned Works and Suppliers. 

How to Both Import & Export The Information

Information is selected and exported in a csv file format and sent to an sftp server location. The frequency of the export can be configured to be any regular timing that suits the transfer.

Information can be exported out of EasySmartForms; it can also be imported from other software systems, such as Oracle, Accuserv and Sage. 

What our users say...

Great experience from start to finish and the support along the way has been second to none. It has made my scheduling a hell of a lot easier and I like the ease of the functionality that has freed up a lot more time for me to be able to do other things.