Compliance Management Package

EasySmartForms: A Comprehensive Toolkit

Getting staff to follow simple business management processes involving the collection of data is not as easy as it sounds. EasySmartForms provides simple process management tools to ensure that they do what is required at the points in the job where it’s needed.

The contract compliance monitoring system has been designed to record and manage non-compliance items using mobile phones or tablet devices – It has a comprehensive toolkit with many powerful features.

Effective HR Support 

EasySmartForms includes a comprehensive HR Module. Many compliance activities relating to employment and personnel management are included such as managing staff training, appraisals and absence. The system will also compliantly process personal and professional information. It is fully GDPR compliant with options to allow staff to view their own records and keep up with contract compliance monitoring. 

EasySmartForms, the business management plaftorm, assists you in managing your training requirements, maintain a training matrix, record all trainings events, upload certificates, create a forward-looking diary of training activities and consequently provide all staff with the ability to access their certificates from mobile devices.

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Modules bought in this package:

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What our users say...

Since EasySmartForms has been brought in, I have been able to see many ways it will improve our business. It will enable quantitative data to be produced once everyone starts using it properly, for later use in analysis of areas within the business.