Contracts Management Package

An Effective Software for Successful Results

EasySmartForms is an integrated, contract administration software solution used by many UK Builders. The contract creation software has been designed and programmed in the UK by our in-house team with over 50 years of contracting experience in managing projects of all sizes. The contracts section is the biggest module in EasySmartForms. 

EasySmartForms enables users to record accurate information in real-time. Site users can communicate with the office, enabling strategic management decisions to be made based on reliable data.

Optimise Your Business With Our User-Friendly System

We have designed and developed a system that is intuitive to learn. It’s simple to use and will provide measurable efficiency savings in time and money across your organisation.


Productive in Each Department of Management

Your Pre-construction & Business development team, HSQE management, Commercial management & Purchasing, Contracts management & Administration, plus site teams are all in departments that will benefit the system.

A Time-Saving Strategy

EasySmartForms will reduce the time taken to collect and compile management information. It delivers excellent process management to every aspect of your business operation. The benefits of a contract management system are that it will provide clear accountability and ensure processes and procedures are adhered to.

EasySmartForms' Contract Management Functionality

Examples of functionality include:

  • Drawing registers
  • Requisitions 
  • Cost to value reconciliation 
  • Valuations 
  • Site diaries
  • RFI
  • Contract email address
  • Compliance management

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Modules included in this package:

Infographic about Contracts Administration

What our users say...

We have enjoyed a close working relationship with EasySmartForms throughout our 15 year history. They have been agile and responsive whilst maintaining the integrity of their systems at all levels e.g. security and operational functionality. They are open to the change and challenges required by their clientele in an ever demanding environment.