Secure & Accessible Documentation Storage

Companies create a lot of documents and files, meaning they need a way to manage, organise and store their data in an accessible and secure system.

The Docs module in EasySmartForms acts as a central storage unit for all your company’s documents. Folders are easily created, and users can access up-to-date documents in one place. It can be used to track, store and manage all the necessary company documents.

Effective History Tracking Allows For Reliable Colleague Contributions

Different versions can be recorded and tracked on the robust intranet system, EasyBOP. The Docs module keeps a record of various versions created and developed by different users within the team, allowing for accurate history tracking. It means that information isn’t just stored in silos on individual staff’s desktops.

The Docs modules is a document management system in-built into the EasySmartForms solution, which helps to streamline workflows.

What our users say...

We use the EasySmartForms system for tracking the pipeline of opportunities and management reporting, so reporting what opportunities are out in the marketplace at that moment in time.The EasySmartForms contracts management system gives us an idea of what opportunities are likely going to be coming into tender so we can then manage the business; we know which tenders are coming in, what resources we are going to need for estimating and ultimately when the tenders are won, as well as what resources are out on site. I would definitely recommend EasySmartForms.