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Our EasyContracts solution provides a comprehensive and integrated platform for contracts management. It keeps all the information you require in one location. Tried and tested on thousands of contracts, it is integrated with mobile apps to keep your entire workforce up to date with accurate ‘as it happens’ information. Below are just some of the features which demonstrate the depth of the system. 

Standard Details

The system records all relevant contract details that you would expect from an enterprise level contracts management system. This includes auto accruing contract numbers, contract value, contract start and completion dates, form of contract etc.


All contracts are provided with workflow tools so that standard step-by-step processes can be recorded for compliance purposes. Simple, transparent and updated in real time.

Standard Contract Forms

CVI, RFI and Variation Functions are available for all contracts. Provides information digitally to the client team, your team and the supply chain.


Create any number of digital forms that you commonly use on site. The forms can be completed as one offs or can be scheduled for staff members to complete at pre-defined intervals. The Contracts App allows for them to be completed using any smartphone or tablet device, on or offline.

Contract Drawing Register

A comprehensive drawing register is provided for all contracts allowing the updating and issuing of documents to the entire contract team. Documents with file sizes of up to 250Mb can be uploaded. Read receipts are available to show who has received what and when it was opened.

Site Diary

An interactive function to allow the recording of progress, H&S issues, equipment usage and attendance on site. This links to our mobile contract App to allow the recording of photographs from handheld devices while on site.

Snagging Tool

Linked to the mobile App, the tool allows users to create and manage snagging lists on the go including recording of location, supplier/staff member, type of snag and must be completed by date. Allows the issuing of lists electronically and reports on supplier performance.

Quotations and Invoicing

This feature integrates the issuing of quotes to clients, applications for payment, certificates, invoices, payments, discounts and retentions. It can interconnect with corporate accounting systems.

Filing System

Filing of contract correspondence in pre-set filing structures allows Microsoft documents to be edited and saved online. Includes full audit logs of revisions.


A complete record of all equipment allocated to site, its service history and costs. Provides warnings when equipment requires servicing and prompts your requisitions process to head office.

Training Matrix

Can be used to easily check on the accreditation of site operatives. A full training management system is provided to you with the HR module, which comes as a free module with all contract management systems.

Time Sheets

Record timesheets for all staff who work on site. Includes the ability to hand these to accounting systems when incorporated with the communications module.


Create fully costed purchase orders and subcontract orders. Track deliveries, invoices and payments. It can interconnect with your corporate accounting systems.

Job Cost report

Up to date real time costing of your contract works. Includes reconciliation with Invoices and applications to predict profits.


Upload any number of pictures to record progress on your project and record important events. Pictures uploaded to the Site Diary are automatically transferred to this section.



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Great experience from start to finish and the support along the way has been second to none. It has made my scheduling a hell of a lot easier and I like the ease of the functionality that has freed up a lot more time for me to be able to do other things.