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A Successful Contract Management Software Solution

At EasySmartForms, we understand the demands of New builds, renovations and planned works for windows, doors and conservatories as well as indoor glazing and roofline products, including fascias, soffits, rainwater drainage and cladding. We are here to help with all your operational management needs to ensure the every job runs smoothly from start to finish, including your health and safety plus your environmental compliance and sustainability requirements. 

EasySmartForms has successfully supported Window, door and glazing specialists with their contracts management, fitting, tracking and logging, and all the work that comes with the job.


Designed and Programmed By Industry Experts

Our contracts management module is the largest in the system. This system has been programmed and designed by construction industry experts, so all your contracts administration requirements are in safe hands, It will provide clear accountability and ensure processes and procedures are adhered to FENSA and GGF standards.

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A Cloud-Based Control Hub for All Admin Tasks

The contracts management system acts as a central hub for all the administration of each of your contracts. All staff members within your company can use it, from installers, project managers to administrators. There is a wide range of functionality within the system, which includes:


•Work planning 

•Compliance management

•Site diaries


•Cost to value reconciliation 




•CRM and Estimating


EasySmartForms will reduce the time taken to collect and compile management information on site. It delivers excellent process management to every aspect of your business operation. It will provide clear accountability and ensure processes and procedures are adhered to.

Data is collected and recorded in real-time, so site users can send information directly to HQ without losing any data via traditional means. It allows the process to be paperless. The data is kept up-to-date and reliably accurate.


Easy-to-Use System

It's not rocket science, simple for your staff to use the offline app to transport their documents from site, to office, to board room, at the click of a button. It’s as easy as using a smart phone! 

Contract management is a great way to test drive the EasySmartForms solution and our Licence Options page explains how you can get started with the software on a single project basis.


Enhance Your Glazing Management

Tasks such as submitting reports, accidents and complaints are made easy, as these can be created through the App on site. 

If a task needs to be completed by a worker on site, their manager in the office can send them a reminder via the App to complete the task.


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For Contracts Management

Our contracts management system will transform the way your business collect and compile information.
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Licence Options

We offer different licensing options, paid for as annual subscriptions or the duration of a fixed term project.
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Security matters to us, which is why we

What our users say...

The CRM module in EasySmartForms has allowed us to standardize the way our quotations are presented and assist with the follow up. It acts as a contract repository.