How it Works

EasySmartForms is more than a form builder; it's also your central database, your HR management hub, your compliance monitoring system, and much more. EasySmartForms contains all the tools you need to effectively manage projects and administer contracts. 

The App allows your staff to generate reports, and send forms and other documents back to head office. Behind the App is a powerful feature-rich, enterprise level, business operations platform. 

The software includes a range of modules that operate in each department of your business, allowing your team to be compliant with your processes while enabling them to increase their productivity and work more efficiently. 

What our users say...

We are now starting to see the benefits of the EasySmartForms system. It is great to have an electronic system that we can all access. Interdepartmentally, we can now see the data on a system rather than searching for manual files, ease of use. We are now able to see information as soon as it is received.