We’ve made it easy to buy and configure EasySmartForms by bundling up modules to suit your specific project delivery and organisational needs. Think of it like a ready-made toolbox. For more on pricing, head over to our licences page where you can find out more about cost. 



Each package is described in detail below: 

The platform includes over 400 separate business tools, so to help you customise the right set of tools, each package consists of a base set up + specific operational apps. 

Base Set Up: EasySmartForms functionality and the EasySmartFroms mobile app, Dashboard, CRM, Docs, Contracts, HR, and of course Security. 

Package Bundles: Choose from one or any combination of Contracts Administration and Management; Equipment Management; Planned Works and Maintenance; Compliance.

What our users say...

EasySmartForms is a very good tool for office management. It helped us to go totally paperless and simplify the office work. Everyday work tasks are now easily managed.