We’ve made it easy to buy and configure EasySmartForms by bundling up suggested modules to suit your specific project delivery and organisational needs.

We understand the thought of investing in a new system could be considered daunting, which is why our examples below show you how easy it can be.

We have created a solution, one that is like a ready-made toolbox. If you have identified an area of your business that is in need of further development, then you can select one of our suggested packages that best suits your needs and utilise the modules included in that package. No longer do you need to spend hours researching how to improve your company operations, because we've done it all for you. Our suggested packages will point you in the right direction.

Our Suggested EasySmartForms' Packages

Choose from our variety of example packages including the following:

  • Contracts Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Planned Works
  • Compliance Management

Each of our packages focuses on a key area of business, the modules included are built to support your business in that sector. For instance, within our Compliance Management package, you will receive HR & training support, noticeboards and tasks, which will accumulate to the full package you need to enhance your current compliance management. 

For more on pricing, head over to our licences page where you can find out more about cost. 



Each package is described in detail below: 

The platform includes over 400 separate business tools, so to help you customise the right set of tools, each package consists of a base set up + specific operational apps. 

Base Set Up: EasySmartForms functionality and the EasySmartFroms mobile app, Dashboard, CRM, Docs, Contracts, HR, and of course Security. 

Package Bundles: Choose from one or any combination of Contracts Administration and Management; Equipment Management; Planned Works and Maintenance; Compliance.

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What our users say...

EasySmartForms is used across the company for supplier management, invoicing, for document compliance and recording all employee activity. We have integrated it with Sage which has meant we have saved time and there is now a lot less room for human error; it really has helped streamline procedures.One of the main selling points is that we have ISOs in three areas; health and safety, quality and environmental. The feedback we have from the auditors is that they are really impressed and like it a lot.It has been so useful that I have recommended the system to other people.