Planned Works

Ideal for scheduled maintenance deployments, this module provides a complete solution for the management of any size of contract. Each contract is built around scopes of work, SOR documents, works instructions, communication protocols, standard forms and property locations. 

It is a central resource for all staff working on a planned works project, including administrators, liaison staff, site managers and quantity surveyors. 

Infographic about Planned Works

The module can create standard letters, text messages and emails that are used in conjunction with other functions in individual planned works projects, improving your internal communications. 

The system is set up for the scheduling of appointments for staff, which is fully integrated with the planned works App to allow staff to confirm the outcomes of appointments quickly and easily. 

The reporting function allows for the creation of standard reports, including financial, to enable you to monitor your projects effectively and report on progress. 

EasySmartForms has a number of packages that group modules together to suit your specific project delivery and organisational needs:

What our users say...

We have enjoyed a close working relationship with EasySmartForms throughout our 15 year history. They have been agile and responsive whilst maintaining the integrity of their systems at all levels e.g. security and operational functionality. They are open to the change and challenges required by their clientele in an ever demanding environment.