Resident Portal

The resident portal provides greater access to information for residents, whilst retaining your ability to control what they can see.

Easy Access

Residents gain more control over their communication methods with the resident portal. They can view key dates and status of works on their property. They are also able to complete forms, download resident guides and message the delivery team directly from the portal.


The system includes two factor authentications to ensure the resident’s security. Each resident will have a unique login for their own needs. 

Central Hub of Information

For both project team and resident, the portal allows for a central hub of information. This means everyone is working with the same data and the resident is fully informed of changes if they occur.


Survey Satisfaction

Residents can fill in surveys quickly when they log in to the portal. The results of surveys are automatically analysed within SmartForm reports. Residents have an audit trail of all the information they have supplied to the project team, such as customer satisfaction surveys.

Clear Communication

Communication is key for the success of any project. The resident portal allows residents to message the project team on any queries they have. The message centre allows administrators to direct content to staff members most suited to respond. 

Brand Customisation

The resident portal is fully customisable upon request and subject to other charges. This allows your company to have a portal that looks and feels like yours. It also gives the resident reassurance that they are signing into your portal, as they will recognise your branding.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We work with strategic partners in order to deliver EasySmartForms. Our mirrored server array is hosted by Europe’s leading provider of premium carrier-neutral data centres, Telecity Group. Our network is distributed over two industry-leading data centres in Docklands, London: Telehouse and Telecity. We are also ISO27001 accredited. ISO27001 is the standard that governs security of information and network systems. Rest assured, your data will be very safe. 

When you purchase an EasySmartForms licence, our specialist set up and training team will work with you to ensure the solution is implemented in the most appropriate way for your organisation. There is an additional training and implementation cost, but our Business Manager will talk you through options when you purchase. Find out more about training here

Dependent on the licence options, our Business Manager can offer you an accurate quote once you know your exact requirements.  

What our users say...

We are now starting to see the benefits of the EasySmartForms system. It is great to have an electronic system that we can all access. Interdepartmentally, we can now see the data on a system rather than searching for manual files, ease of use. We are now able to see information as soon as it is received.