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The deadline-driven transport sector is always under pressure. Turbulent fuel costs, changing tariffs prices, and competition dominate the sector. Firms are only successful in this sector if they have efficient workflow processes and can keep costs low. 

Admin tasks can easily get overlooked on the road. Errors can creep in because of time pressures. 

Effective Support from Industry Experts

EasySmartForms allows staff to complete forms on the go. Once completed, freight documents, inspection dockets and delivery notes are sent to the administrative team in real-time. Duplication is minimised and important records are kept securely.

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What our users say...

EasySmartForms is used across the company for supplier management, invoicing, for document compliance and recording all employee activity. We have integrated it with Sage which has meant we have saved time and there is now a lot less room for human error; it really has helped streamline procedures.One of the main selling points is that we have ISOs in three areas; health and safety, quality and environmental. The feedback we have from the auditors is that they are really impressed and like it a lot.It has been so useful that I have recommended the system to other people.