Utilities Project Management System

Optimise Your Current Utility Project Management

The utilities sector provides our essential amenities– water, electricity, gas, sewage services and dams – and as such, are heavily regulated by governing bodies. Compliance is essential to run effectively within the sector, otherwise suppliers can receive heavy fines. 

Use our checklists, forms, document templates and automatic alerts to maintain a digital audit trail across your utility projects.  

Achieve Successful Results & Relieve Work Stress

EasySmartForms also removes obstacles that come with working across disparate locations. Documents are shared directly from the App to the office. This removes bottlenecks caused by waiting for paperwork from another site. All documents are kept up-to-date in real-time, meaning all workers are working from the latest version. Variation is minimised and human error reduced.

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EasySmartForms is an excellent product. It really fits with how we want to change. We get perfect support from the customer support team. I truly believe that once we have fully integrated the construction management system it will benefit our whole company. I am more than happy with the software.