Virtual Yard

A Successful Property Management Solution

The module covers all aspects of servicing company vehicles, plant and office equipment. The equipment management software also includes a requisitions module that provides visibility of equipment availability and location. All data is stored in our secure database, EasyBOP.

Infographic about Virtual Yard

Easy To Use Functionality

Equipment can be allocated to depot, staff, vehicles or contracts. Many clients use the module in conjunction with EasySmartForms to receive vehicle returns direct from the driver via the EasySmartForms App.

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EasySmartForms has a number of packages that group modules together to suit your specific project delivery and organisational needs:

What our users say...

EasySmartForms is an excellent product. It really fits with how we want to change. We get perfect support from the customer support team. I truly believe that once we have fully integrated the construction management system it will benefit our whole company. I am more than happy with the software.