Work Planning

Optimise Your Current Work Planning Strategy

Your contracts administration and management team will use this module to schedule jobs and works instructions to your site teams. Holidays and training events are also scheduled in the Work Planning board.

The view will show you individual work events planned on any given day. This function enables you to organise the resources you will require for the contracts you are undertaking. 

Effectively Distribute & Manage Work Tasks

The Work Planning board can be viewed either in detail or as a simple view for quick reference.

You can schedule works instructions directly to your staff. Choose the specific contract the work is relevant to, add the staff members you want to allocate it to, and set the days and times the work needs to take place. 

Successful allocation of the time will populate the calendar with the event details and pre-populate the individual’s timesheets with the event details. Work allocations are also sent by email to the relevant staff members.

What our users say...

The staff at EasySmartForms are approachable and responsive and a pleasure to work with. The in-built contract management policies and procedures and the fact the software makes you compliant is excellent. Auditors can use the software and confirm that we as a company are complying.