Read what our customers are saying about EasySmartForms. We work with a broad range of clients across a variety of industries to deliver high-quality software.

The most useful part of EasySmartForms is the contract elements, and the ability to create quotations within the contract creation software.

Chris M - Construction Sector

The most beneficial part of the EasySmartForms contract admin software is the ability to fill in forms, quickly and easily.

Barry R - Refurbishment Organisation

The construction site software saves time, especially when using the App.

Robert T - Elevator Service Company

The training matrix and non-conformances reporting tools within the construction management system are really useful.

Anna M - Construction Services Provider

The CRM module in EasySmartForms has allowed us to standardize the way our quotations are presented and assist with the follow up. It acts as a contract repository. 

John K - Scottish Asbestos Removal Experts

The CRM module is definitely the most beneficial in terms of management of opportunities and reporting, all within one contract management software solution. 

Lucie T - Explosive Disposal Company

The CRM module makes quoting works a lot less hassle, and contract management is made a lot easier by the CRM. 

Jamie S - Asbestos Testing Service

We are extremely satisfied with how the customer support team have helped us since we started using the EasySmartForms contract management system.

Dan W - Leading Main Contractor

EasySmartForms is an excellent product. It really fits with how we want to change. We get perfect support from the customer support team. I truly believe that once we have fully integrated the construction management system it will benefit our whole company. I am more than happy with the software.

Scott C - Home Builder

The contract compliance software allows you easy access and information is at your fingertips instantly.

Richard J - Asbestos Consultancy Service

The contract lifecycle management software works well with our requirements. 

Claire M - Road Construction Service

The Planned Works component of the maintenance software is the most beneficial to us.

Jo T - Window Installation Service

The construction management system has been perfect for the company’s requirements to date. The company now is 90% online-based with EasySmartForms and the operational staff all using the smart forms app. The overall system and App has assisted to make the company more streamlined. 

Anthony M - Highways Services

Having all of our jobs in one place, linking the smart forms and statuses has changed the way we work for the better.

Steve - Manufacturing

The visibility of the whole contract and vendor management system is really great.

Victoria B - Asbestos Removal

The customer support team are brilliant! Whenever I phone up requiring help, they all can never do enough for me. A lot of time is saved, with many things that are now done through the EasySmartForms system for our company.

Road Construction Service - Road Construction Service

I had almost 2000 files to share with a colleague, which I uploaded to a protected folder. This took just over 10 minutes to upload all 2000 files, rather than having to upload each individual sub-folder. The speed is good!

Road Construction Service - Road Construction Service

Going with EasySmartForms from day 1 has allowed us to move away from paperwork and post it notes and it has allowed us to be more efficient / streamline with all the company’s requirements. 

Anthony M - Highways Services

We’ve been using EasySmartForms for a few years now, so that’s given us a real insight into the areas we need to work on and it’s helped us as a team to get better at what we do. I often recommend EasySmartForms to other clients that I’m talking to; even I have to say to competitors that we come across in industry meetings and things. Where we’re talking about specific issues, I quite often mention the EasySmartForms contract management system to them and say they might want to take a look.

Phillip N - Asbestos Removal Company

We use EasySmartForms to manage all of the leads and enquiries that come into our company. We also use it to monitor our tenders and our contracts. It has removed duplication from the business and improved contract compliance monitoring. We go into one system, rather than six different systems, put the information in once and it carries though across the whole system. People now know where to find things. I think that’s the biggest benefit we have from using EasySmartForms.

Lindsay F - Asset Maintenance Contractor

EasySmartForms has really benefitted how the company operates. The whole process is easier now. We have gone from 100% paper to 10% paper. We have gone from paper to tablets. What is really good is that all relevant documents with instructions are uploaded and available to view by both staff and clients. I would certainly recommend EasySmartForms for contract administration management. During a new business presentation, we demonstrated how we operate using EasySmartForms and both the directors of the prospective client were really impressed.

Jo S - Remediation Contractor

Within EasySmartForms we mainly use the CRM, work planning, and contracts modules which give us visibility of real time information about the business. We are provided with a dashboard of relevant business and contract information and this allows us to make informed decisions that help with business strategy. We would certainly recommend EasySmartForms to others, and in fact we have already done so.

Lee R - Construction Company

We use the EasySmartForms system for tracking the pipeline of opportunities and management reporting, so reporting what opportunities are out in the marketplace at that moment in time.The EasySmartForms contracts management system gives us an idea of what opportunities are likely going to be coming into tender so we can then manage the business; we know which tenders are coming in, what resources we are going to need for estimating and ultimately when the tenders are won, as well as what resources are out on site. I would definitely recommend EasySmartForms.

Emma H - Civil Engineering Company

EasySmartForms is used across the company for supplier management, invoicing, for document compliance and recording all employee activity. We have integrated it with Sage which has meant we have saved time and there is now a lot less room for human error; it really has helped streamline procedures.One of the main selling points is that we have ISOs in three areas; health and safety, quality and environmental. The feedback we have from the auditors is that they are really impressed and like it a lot.It has been so useful that I have recommended the system to other people.

Lucie T - Landmine Clearance Operator

EasySmartForms are a very proactive company; very easy to communicate with and the contract repository software has been very useful. 

Rob T - Building Contractor

We have enjoyed a close working relationship with EasySmartForms throughout our 15 year history. They have been agile and responsive whilst maintaining the integrity of their systems at all levels e.g. security and operational functionality. They are open to the change and challenges required by their clientele in an ever demanding environment.

Diane L - Provider of housing solutions

We have adopted EasySmartForms as our business operating system and added on the Virtual Yard to manage the asset lists. The equipment management software is good value for money. The systems are easy to use. We have lots of staff as designated users for a wide range of applications. It does everything that we need it to do. 

Gill D - Civil Engineering Contractor

EasySmartForms is really easy to use and does what it says – there are no hidden elements. The benefits we have gotten from using EasySmartForms is it centralises a number of different elements in one place so it becomes a portal of knowledge for the business. The support staff at EasySmartForms are always at the other end of the phone if you have any questions and they will go out of their way to help.

Helen W - Financial Services

We are now starting to see the benefits of the EasySmartForms system. It is great to have an electronic system that we can all access. Interdepartmentally, we can now see the data on a system rather than searching for manual files, ease of use. We are now able to see information as soon as it is received. 

Jo T - Construction Company

Great company, great contract admin software. Control and visibility of jobs from cradle to grave. You get greater financial control through purchasing. Minimising of errors as checking is a simple, straightforward process. As a company, we were moving from a very "paper-heavy" filing system to a virtual software solution. EasySmartForms seemed like a good fit from the start and, fortunately, we haven't been let down. We have had teething issues, but the support has been fantastic. EasySmartForms have also taken on suggested changes and implemented them into the system.

Chris M - Construction Contractor

The staff at EasySmartForms are approachable and responsive and a pleasure to work with. The in-built contract management policies and procedures and the fact the software makes you compliant is excellent. Auditors can use the software and confirm that we as a company are complying.

Kathryn H - Construction

Great experience from start to finish and the support along the way has been second to none. It has made my scheduling a hell of a lot easier and I like the ease of the functionality that has freed up a lot more time for me to be able to do other things.

Daniel P - Construction Contractor

EasySmartForms is a very good tool for office management. It helped us to go totally paperless and simplify the office work. Everyday work tasks are now easily managed.

Lubomir C - Construction

Since EasySmartForms has been brought in, I have been able to see many ways it will improve our business. It will enable quantitative data to be produced once everyone starts using it properly, for later use in analysis of areas within the business.

Samantha D - Operations.